Wedding Photo Policy

Photography & Outside Guests
While we understand that our grounds and buildings are the perfect setting for your photographs, we do not allow outside photographers or group/family/graduation/wedding/etc. photographs without scheduling through our Events team.

To ensure privacy, photographs of our guests are not permitted without their prior permission.  No photographs of children attending any of our camp or children's programs are permitted.

Drone Policy

No drones are permitted on MHF policy except with explicit written approval by MHF Management
Drone usage will only be permitted for:

  • MHF paid venue events when the drone flying is done by an experienced drone operator AND the operator is insured AND  is willing to name MHF as additional insured AND when a Drone Fee is paid
  • Experienced drone photographers who wish to utilize the Farm's property for a commercial photo shoot and have registered with the Farm and paid the Drone Photograph fee and have agreed to let MHF use any such drone footage
  • The drone fee for weddings and social events is $100 for up to an hour of drone use.
  • The drone fee for commercial photography will be determined according to the specifics of what is to be photographed.
  • No people are to be photographed without their prior written approval
  • No drone photography of the adjacent Brown University property is permitted