Our Wishlist

We enjoy and appreciate that many people like to donate a specific item to support a specific program or building at Mount Hope Farm. If you can donate any of those items, gently used, that would be greatly appreciated. 

Below is a sprinkling of some items on our Wish List this year. Thank you for helping The Farm's wishes come true...



Your adoption fee enables Mount Hope Farm to continue with our quality feed program of grain and hay, pure quality kiln dried shavings, routine 8–10-week hoof trims and exemplary veterinarian care.

In addition, your generous adoption fee frees up funds, which along with other donations, allows us to expand paddocks, repair fencing and renovate a new and improved goat barn.

If you have not been by the farm lately, you should make the trip. The new “in- and -out barn” is a very special habitat for your active goats to enjoy, explore and flourish.

The domino effect of past donations enabled the farm to segregate the goats from the donkeys to enable a more stress-free grazing experience for happier, healthier animals.

A yearly lifetime donation will secure the adoption program objective and follow the path for a safe healthy life for our goats and donkeys.

  • $100 Annual veterinary care for one goat
  • $250 Annual veterinary care for one donkey
  • $500 Sponsor a goat for a year, including feeding, washing, and vet care
  • $750 Sponsor a donkey for a year, including feeding, washing, and vet care

Garden & Fields

  • $250 Garden tools- hand pruner, 3 prong rakes, hand solves, and gloves
  • $250 Adopt a vegetable or flower bed for a year
  • $500 Commercial Hedge Trimmers, Stihl (1)

 Equipment & Buildings

  • $11,000 Barn audio/visual equipment and blackout shades for windows 
  • $10,000 Renovate Barn bathrooms
  • $50,000 New animal barn with demonstration space for children's programs
  • $6,000 Golf cart with bed in back
  • $300 Egg washing equipment (our hens are very productive - did you know you can purchase our eggs at the weekly Farmer's Market?)

$50,000 Backhoe 555 with claw attachment and loader bucket (gently used, 2,000 or newer) - Thanks to a grant through R.I. Commerce we were able to secure this important equipment!


  • $50 Books, outdoor games and crafting supplies for children's programs 
  • $425 Send a child to Camp Wetu for two weeks


To Donate, please email info@mounthopefarm.org with the item you would like to donate and tell us your name, phone number, and email; we will call you to obtain your credit card information.