Our Wishlist

We enjoy and appreciate that many people like to donate a specific item to support a specific program or building at Mount Hope Farm. If you can donate any of those items, gently used, that would be greatly appreciated. 


Below is a sprinkling of some items on our Wish List this year. Thank you for helping The Farm's wishes come true...



$100 Annual veterinary care for one goat

$500 Sponsor a donkey for a year, including feeding, washing, and vet care

$300 Egg washing equipment


Garden & Fields

$250 Garden tools- hand pruner, 3 prong rakes, hand solves, and gloves

$250 Adopt a vegetable or flower bed for a year

$500 Commercial Hedge Trimmers, Stihl (1)


Equipment & Buildings

$11,000 Barn audio/visual equipment and blackout shades for windows

$500 Program lectern with microphone

$10,000 Renovate Barn bathrooms

$50,000 New animal barn with demonstration space for children's programs

$6,000 Golf cart with bed in back

$50,000 Backhoe 555 with claw attachment and loader bucket (gently used, 2,000 or newer)



$50 Books, outdoor games and crafting supplies for children's programs 

$425 Send a child to Camp Wetu for two weeks


To Donate, please email info@mounthopefarm.org (sheri@mounthopefarm.org) with the item you would like to donate and tell us your name, phone number, and email and we will call you to get credit card information.