Animal Barn Fundraising Campaign

Many friends of the Farm know that we have a long-standing goal of building a new barn to house our animals. In fact, through their generosity, we had funds to pour the barn's foundation and to continue to bank for construction. While COVID rerouted our efforts, we are ready to get back on track. However, inflation and escalating building costs mean we need to once again focus our fundraising to reach our goal.

Our Animals: We are blessed with 21 Nigerian dwarf goats, two Mediterranean miniature donkeys (twin brothers Jacob and Essau), two full-sized donkeys (Anna and Junior), and two growing calves (Stanley and Corey).  While our farm friends bring joy to us daily, there is nothing more joyful than the faces of children when they drop by to visit our four-legged friends as well as our many hens that lay farm fresh eggs!

Our Need: Visitors to the Farm know our animals are housed in old and crowded buildings. These less-than-adequate facilities cause multiple challenges for our volunteers and staff caring for the goats, donkeys and cows. For example, winter’s freezing temps in these uninsulated buildings require multiple visits daily to break up ice in the animals’ water buckets. The lack of storage for food and other supplies means time-consuming (and backbreaking) lugging of sacks of grain as well as veterinary and other supplies. Plus, of particular concern, is that the construction of the existing shelters allows multitudes of birds to nest inside where their droppings find their way onto our animals, into their food and water buckets, etc.

Our Project: The new barn measures 40 x 60 feet and is designed to house all our animal friends, with plenty of storage as well. It will be insulated and toasty in winter (no more frozen water buckets!), and fans will help keep it cool during the summer months. An overhang on one side will provide shade and shelter from the elements (did you know goats do not like being in the rain?). And with our paddocks connected to the barn, our animals will roam in and out freely.

Our Goal: Our architectural plans are ready, permitting is in place, and we have contractor bids. All we need is to raise additional funds to expand on the donations now in hand. We hope you will help by visiting our website Donation page. Every gift made this fall goes directly to our barn-raising project. Thank you!