Vendor Policies & Standards


We appreciate our vendors and our customers immensely, and work to create a supportive, fair, & enjoyable market environment that works for everyone. These Policies & Standards guarantee a level of quality that is expected by our customers, allow us to effectively manage logistics and administration, and help facilitate an overall successful market!

All participating vendor businesses are responsible for making sure that any employees or volunteers staffing the market on their behalf are fully trained on all market practices and policies! 


  • The indoor  market will be held Saturdays from 9 am to 12:30 pm in the Barn at Mount Hope Farm from November 4, 2017 through May 5, 2018.  The market will move outdoors on May 12, 2018.
  • Full-time vendors must commit to attending all scheduled markets, or come to a predetermined agreement/schedule with the market manager. (Non-attendance at the market must be based on seasonal availability/suitability of product.)
  • Rotating Vendors must come to a pre-determined schedule with the market manager, and commit to attending all scheduled markets.
  • Fees are due for all scheduled market dates, whether you are present at the market or not.
  • Vendors must contact the market manager 48 hours prior to the market if they are unable to attend. A vendor is allowed two “excused absences” during the season—beyond that, vendors participation in the market may be terminated at the discretion of the market management.
  • Vendors may arrive and begin setup by 8:30am, and must be finished with setup by 8:55am and ready for sales to begin at 9:00am. Repeated, consistent lateness or non-attendance may result in suspension or expulsion from the market.
  • We are a rain or shine market, and attendance is expected at the market every week, regardless of weather. If severe or dangerous weather is forecast, the market may be cancelled. The Market Manager will notify vendors by phone and/or email as far in advance as possible. (There is no fee-reimbursement for last-minute weather-related market cancellation.)


  • All licenses, permits, sales tax information and other paperwork required for sales are the responsibility of the vendor. All paperwork must be submitted with your application.
  • All vendors are required to have a Rhode Island Permit to Make Sales at Retail (Information may be found here: Depending on what they produce/sell, vendors must additionally carry appropriate licensing from the Rhode Island Department of Health.
  • All vendors are required to carry general liability insurance covering their presence at the farmers market and submit (Some info on insurance from the Farmers Market Coalition may be found here:


  • There is a $50 Application & Participation Fee DUE AT TIME OF APPLICATION – Payment will be held until acceptance decisions have been made, and if a vendor is not accepted into the market, payment will be voided. (This fee goes towards market administration/management overhead and promotion/marketing.)
  • MARKET RENT PAYMENTS will be invoiced electronically through Mount Hope Farm. 
  • The market reserves the right to charge a penalty for any late payments, up to 20% of stall rental fees, and to withhold token redemption checks until market invoices are paid in full.
  • All vendors will be invoiced electronically for their installment payments once they are accepted and schedule is determined.
  • All checks should be made out to Mount Hope Farm.


  • Each vendor will be given a specific area. Vendors are responsible for all equipment and supplies required for the setup of their booth (tables, tents, scales, chairs, signs, bags, etc.) Refrigeration/cooling is the responsibility of the vendor.
  • Tent weights and/or stakes are required at every stall. (for the outdoor market only)
  • Vendors are responsible for all equipment and supplies required for the setup of their booth (tables, scales, clothes, signs, bags, etc.) Refrigeration/cooling of product is the responsibility of the vendor.
  • Vendors who give out samples must provide a receptacle for waste. Each vendor is responsible for leaving their table area free of trash and or any other materials at the end of the day.
  • All Vendors are responsible for labeling their farm or business name and clearly displaying the price of all of their products. Vendors are also encouraged to provide information on their growing/production practices as well.


  • All approved vendors agree to participate in and adhere to the Mount Hope Market token system. Vendors must accept tokens for goods when appropriate, and are responsible for knowing the rules for what they can and cannot accept. Training will be provided.
  • All eligible vendors selling meat, dairy, eggs, fruits, vegetables, baked goods, seeds, seedlings and edible plants are required to accept SNAP/EBT benefits. (NO hot prepared food, or non-food items, can be purchased with SNAP).
  • All vendors selling fresh produce must be certified to accept WIC Benefits.


  • Vendors are restricted to selling only those products listed on their application form. ANY additions must be pre-approved by the market manager. Vendors may be asked to stop selling any unapproved item at any time during a market.
  • Vendors must display prices for all products.
  • Fresh Produce, Eggs, Meat, Flower/Nursery, Honey, and Maple Syrup Vendors: 80% of what you sell must be grown on your own farm. 100% of the products you sell must be sourced from farms in MA or RI. Vendors are required to display the source farm and its location for all product purchased locally for resale at the market.
  • The Mount Hope Market reserves the right to conduct site visits to the farms, kitchens, production or packing facilities of any market vendor–or to authorize a designated individual or entity representative to do so.
  • Prepared & Processed Foods: All prepared foods must be made from scratch in RI or MA, in a licensed/commercial kitchen, and must include RI/MA-sourced ingredients when available. Local Ingredients/Sources should be listed. Vendors maybe asked to show receipts for local-ingredient purchases at any time. Food Trucks & Vendors of food for on-site consumption must sell at least one item with ingredients grown in New England, and name/display the ingredient and its source farm. (See full guidelines below) Vendors maybe asked to show receipts for local-ingredient purchases at any time.
  • Sampling: Vendors that serve any food samples that are not prepackaged must comply with state laws and regulations related to food service.


  • The Mount Hope Market does not discriminate against, otherwise unfairly treat, or refuse service to any customer, vendor, independent contractor, visitor, or participant based on such factors as race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, income, or other protected class or characteristic established under any applicable federal state or local statute or ordinance. All vendors are expected to conduct themselves accordingly, and extend the same level of respect and non-discrimination to all customers of and visitors to the Mount Hope Farmers market.
  • Vendors are prohibited from smoking within 50 feet of the market boundaries.

Please contact the Market Manager, Katie Blais with questions or for further information: or 401.254.1745.

Additional Guidelines & Thoughts on Prepared Food & Food Processors At the Mount Hope Market:

Although Mount Hope Market’s goal is to be first and foremost a growers/farmers market, we also fully support local & independent businesses that offer prepared/processed products, either for immediate consumption or to take home (Bread, Pastries, Cupcakes, Sandwiches, Soups, Coffee, Granola, etc.)

Since it is of course impossible for some food processing vendors (bakeries, coffee roasters, granola, etc.) to access 100% regionally grown ingredients (we just don’t have the grain fields, coffee-growing-climate, etc. in the northeast–yet!) food processing/preparing vendors are not required to source 100% of their ingredients locally, as we want to offer our customers the service and convenience of purchasing these high-quality prepared foods while at the market. We require that their items be produced or processed locally from scratch with high-quality ingredients, and we encourage the use of regionally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

For prepared food vendors selling solely for on-site consumption, vendors are required to utilize (and advertise at the market) at least one locally/regionally-sourced ingredient in their menus when selling at the market. Mount Hope Market will encourage the use of as much local sourcing as possible from these prepared food vendors, and will help direct/guide them to sources of locally grown and produced ingredients. In the selection of on-site-consumption prepared-food vendors, preference will be given to vendors who source high-quality and local ingredients. Admission of these ready-to-eat prepared food vendors to the market, as with all other vendors, will be at the discretion of the Market Manager and Mount Hope Farm, and Market Management will strive to create a well balanced range of product offerings. The market management may ask on-site-consumption prepared food vendors to refrain from offering certain items at the market if they feel it will overly compete with items sold by an existing producer/grower.