Community Programs

Mount Hope Farms hosts a number of community programs ranging from hosting 4-H clubs run by parents of the children in 4-H to our Growing 4 Good Gardens producing more than 1,000 pounds of produce donated to the East Bay Food Pantry to Camp Wetu for children, ages 6 to 12.

We host walks led by naturalists and botanists and our Fall and Winter lecture series educate all who attend in subjects as diverse as beekeeping, to animal husbandry  to stone wall building and traditions to the history of Rhode Island.

Our annual FarmFest attracts more than a thousand visitors who come to see our goats, sheep, donkeys and chickens, take hayrides, do face painting and learn more about the history and traditions of this land.

The Farm hosts community meetings and programs on our grounds, in our Education Center and in our Barn.

Thousands of people each year walk our trails and field with and without their dogs.

Mount Hope Farm has an active volunteer program---we would love to have you join us as a volunteer. Call 401.254.1745 or email