About Us

Mount Hope Farm is a 127 acre national historic site located in Bristol, Rhode Island. The property is privately owned and governed by The Mount Hope Trust in Bristol and is on the National Register of Historic Places since 1977. The farm is a non-profit whose mission is to preserve and protect the integrity of its natural assets and its historical structures, and make it accessible to all.

There are so many ways to enjoy and support this amazing place. Stay at our award winning Inn, an intimate and charming getaway with country style hospitality; attend a special event or wedding at the Barn or Cove Cabin, where magic and memories are made; or simply take a stroll down one of our forested trails, where you can enjoy wildlife and stunning views along the way. Check out our Events listings for great night out opportunities that support the Farm and other local community efforts, or join us for our Mount Hope Farmers Market, held every Saturday from 9-12:30 year-round.

Every season brings a new way to come together to listen, learn, savor and support this national treasure. This is a landscape steeped in history but with a clear and steady gaze towards the future. To achieve our mission, we need YOU to be a part of it. So come on down to the farm  and join us as in working together to preserve and protect this special place.

Thank you for your support.