Mount Hope Farm
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Governor Bradford House

Mount Hope Farm has 12 guest rooms, each with its own bath. Rates vary depending on season.  Two night minimum stay in season.

In-Season 2016/2017 (May 1 – November 30)
– Weekdays (Sun – Thurs) Room Rate $150-200/Suite $299*
– Weekends & Holidays Room Rate $175-275/Suite $325*

Off-Season 2016/2017 (December 1 – Apr. 30)
– Weekdays (Sun – Thurs) Room Rate $139/Suite $225*
– Weekends & Holidays Room Rate $169/Suite $299*


Byfield RoomByfield Room
Queen sized bed
$275 Weekend / $200 Weekday (Summer Rate May 1-Nov. 30)

The Byfield room is named after the first owner of Mount Hope Farm (1680) and one of the original founders of Bristol. At that time, the Farm was in Bristol County, Massachusetts since Bristol did not become part of Rhode Island until 1747.





Haffenreffer RoomHaffenreffer Room
King sized bed
$275 Weekend / $200 Weekday (Summer Rate May 1-Nov. 30)

The Haffenreffer room is named after the last owner of the Mount Hope Farm. The Haffenreffer family came to the United States and built one of Boston’s first brewery complexes. In 1932 Rudolf Haffenreffer, Jr. took over the operations of Narragansett Beer, a Rhode Island-brewed beer popular with the New England citizens and for many years the primary sponsor of the Boston Red Sox. The Haffenreffer family owned the property from 1917 until February 1999 when it was purchased by the Mount Hope Trust in Bristol.



Church RoomChurch Room
2 Full sized beds
$275 Weekend / $200 Weekday (Summer Rate May 1-Nov. 30)

The Church room is named after a wealthy Taunton and Bristol Merchant who purchased the Farm in 1837. One of the favorite rooms in the house, it offers a cross breeze from its windows overlooking North and South Pastures.




DeWolf Room
King sized bed
$225 Weekend / $175 Weekday (Summer Rate May 1-Nov. 30)Rm 4 - Website

The DeWolf room is named after Captain James DeWolf. Upon the death of Governor William Bradford, the property passed to his daughter Nancy, wife of James DeWolf, youngest son of Mark Anthony DeWolf, the founder of the DeWolf dynasty. The guest room offers several easterly and southerly views of the Farm.

*** All room rates based on double-occupancy. ***
***State & local taxes are not included in room rates.***