Mount Hope Farm
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Mount Hope Farm Wish List

Free Farm membership for 1 year with any of these tax-deductible gifts.


Animals + Bees

$150 Name your goat and provide y year’s veterinary care for one goat

$500 Sponsor a goat or donkey for a year including feeding, washing and vet care

$750 Bee hive and accessories

$850 Portable hand washing station

$750 portable chicken coop + $300 egg washer

$4,000 Paddock for donkeys, goats, sheep


Gardens + Fields

$200 Wheelbarrow (2) or $250 garden tools

$250 Adopt a vegetable or flower bed for a year

$500 Commercial Hedge Trimmers, Stihl (2)


Equipment + Buildings

$7,000 Barn audio/visual equipment and blackout shades for windows

$400 Apple TV for suite plus installation

$4,500 John Deere Gator with bed for manure

$3,500 Golf cart to transport elderly/handicapped

$50,000 New animal barn with demonstration space for children’s programs



$425 Send a child to Camp Wetu for two weeks

$100 tee shirts for children