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Camp Wetu Sessions

Session 1: June 19 – June 30   BARNYARD BONANZA
Session 1 - Future FarmersFrom backyard to barnyard, there are many things to learn to become a successful farmer and animal caretaker. We’ll be spending time developing green thumbs in our vegetable and herb gardens, mucking about in our compost bins and studying worms, wigglies and the things that make our gardens buzz. Special time each day will be dedicated to MHF’s farm friends including bunnies, pheasants, chickens, sheep and goats! How do we make goat milk and goat cheese? What type of care do animals need in different seasons? What did early Native American tribes harvest from the land and shore at Mount Hope Farm? And how can we harvest the landscape while keeping it healthy.


Session 2: July 10 – July 21   GUARDIANS OF THE FOREST
Session-2-Forest-RangersMount Hope Farm was the historic summer camp of the Wampanoag tribe. Here we can find old growth forest, wildlife and critters galore as well as marked and hidden locations held sacred by the Native Americans who still gather here. What are the native species in our forests? Identify plants, trees (and their inhabitants) and explore what might be hiding in the undergrowth. The forest holds stories of the past and contributes to our planet’s health. We will learn to keep our forests clean, promote growth, and healthy environments for wildlife and animal friends. From scavenger hunts to designing our own walking sticks, we’ll become Guardians of the Forest together.


Session 3: July 24 – August 4   WATER RATS
Session 3 - Water RatsMount Hope Farm is located on the shores of Mount Hope Bay and offers streams and waterways throughout our property- and, as we know, there’s no better way to spend the dog days of summer than cooling off with all kinds of water games and fun! We’ll explore how to collect and analyze water, and discover the best ways to use it! Water sampling, biology and hands on lessons will foster a greater knowledge and respect for our water sources and needs. Who inhabits our shoreline tide pools and mud? How can we appreciate and create art from our shoreline treasures and trash? What floats and what doesn’t? There’s nothing cooler than being a Camp Wetu water rat!


Session 4: August 7 – August 18   TRAIL BLAZERS
Session 4 - Trail BlazersMost of us know how to plug an address into our IPhone and follow the directions. But how could we find our way without technology? How did Native Americans use plants, trees and nature as their guides? How can we create paths and trails without hurting our open spaces? Trail blazing has its roots in Native American culture and is a fun and interactive way to learn about the world around us. Using compasses, plant identification and key markers along the way, we’ll learn how to navigate the Farm’s landscape using our own internal GPS.

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