Camp Wetu, Children's Camp June, July and August

Camp Wetu Summer Program

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Camp Wetu’s mission is to offer children ages six to twelve years old (ages 6 to 12) a camp experience that educates, engages, and enhances their confidence in their innate ability to nurture themselves, their community, and the planet. We are proud to incorporate Mount Hope Farm’s history, mission and whole community into our camp goals and motto “Learn from the past, look to the future, and celebrate today.”

Community Commitment, Inspiration and Leadership


Camp Wetu is all about learning about our natural environment, history, science and proper care of our animals 

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 The Farm’s camp programming has hosted hundreds of happy kids, building confidence, instilling knowledge, making new  friendships, and providing campers with an expanded awareness of their place in history and the community.

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Come join us for Camp Wetu, Summer 2018.  Camp will be eight one-week sessions:

  • June 25: Week One--The Very Best Version of Me!
    We are starting off our summer of fun by focusing on our campers! This week, campers will learn how to make healthy choices and be active while having fun along the way. Campers will get involved by making their own meals and snacks from our vegetable garden, participating in goat yoga with our very own Nigerian dwarf goats, learning about different sports and how to play, creating their own yoga mats and water bottles, doing science experiments to show the effects of food and drink choices on our bodies and much more! This week we will celebrate what makes us unique and learn how to be the very best version of ourselves!
  • No camp--the week of July 2
  • July 9: Week Two--Star Spangled Campers: 
    Oh say does that star spangled camper yet wave? This week our campers will learn all about their country, as a follow on to Independence Day! Campers will be immersed in the spirit of the season by travelling down Route 66, creating their own parade float, learning how to play some patriotic tunes, and ending their week with an all American BBQ. 
  • July 16: Week Three--Time Travel: Our past shapes our present in many ways, this week our campers will take a journey through time to revisit the past. This is not difficult to do with all of the rich history that is right here on the farm! Mount Hope Farm has a special connection to the Pokanoket tribe, part of King Phillips war took place on the land, and George Washington himself stayed in the William Bradford house. This week our campers will be engaging with the past by connecting with the Pokanoket tribe, reenacting George Washington’s stay on the farm in their very own play, meeting “Roger Williams” himself, and doing fun crafts and activities all along the way. Campers will not want to miss this opportunity to step into the time machine and revisit the past. 
  • July 23:  Week Four--Reach For the Sky:  They say, “shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.” This is exactly what our campers will be doing this week! They’ll be learning all about the sky, weather, and the stars. With fun activities like creating a cloud in a jar, measuring wind speed and direction, building their own kites, using special glasses to see rainbows, and so much more, they’ll be over the moon with excitement for sure!
  • July 30:  Week Five--Trees and Bees:  This week campers will be getting up close and personal with the wondrous trees and other natural things that make Mount Hope Farm so special. Campers will learn all about trees including the different types of trees they can find right on the farm, the way they serve as shelter for animals, why their leaves change color and even how we can use technology to map trees. The unique animals of Mount Hope Farm will play an even bigger role in the fun than they usually do this week. Campers will interact with the animals, study the tracks they make, and make animal track cookies! Finally, campers will interact with a local scout troop to learn how they can survive among the trees. 
  • August 6: Week Six--The Sea and Me: We all know that the gorgeous water views make Bristol a beautiful place to be. Campers will enjoy the views every day, however, this week they will be digging deeper into the habitat that is the Narragansett Bay. They will do this by studying what lives in the water, and what we can do to keep it clean. Visitors from the Save the Bay foundation will bring in sea life for campers to get up close with, campers will learn all about sailing, get a sense of how big a whale actually is, and even discuss the magic of mermaids along the way! 
  • August 13: Week Seven--Bloom Where You’re Planted: Fun is in full bloom this week at Camp Wetu! Campers will directly engage with the flower and vegetable gardens on the Farm to learn how to take care of flowers and plants and how we can use them for our benefit. Campers will even get to tend to their own seeds and watch them germinate, pot their own flowers to take home, and get creative doing a lot of fun crafts with flowers. Additionally, campers will interact with the plants and flowers among the forests of Mount Hope Farm by mapping their own trails, and building forts, all while discovering new species of plants along the way. 
  • August 20: Week Eight--Pirates of the Narragansett: Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirate’s life for me! This week campers will learn all about pirates and the way they lived their lives at sea. Campers will create their own messages in a bottle and go on a treasure hunt around Mount Hope Farm. Campers will even split up into pirate crews, make their own flags, sing their own songs, and dress up like pirates. All week long campers will battle other crews in fun games and activities for the ultimate treasure. This will be a jolly time you maties won’t want to miss!

Weekly Fees per child:

--Non-members $250 per week  

--Extended day from 3:30 to 5:30 is $60 per week

 --Members $200 per week, if registered by May 11 enter code MEMBEREARLY at checkout 

--Members $225 per week, after May 11 enter code MEMBERMAY at checkout

--Sibling discount 10% off your entire order ($225 per week) for 2 or more children, enter code SIBLING at checkout

--Sign up for 3 or more sessions and get 10% off your entire order ($225 per week), enter code MULTIPLE at checkout

--Sign up for all 8 sessions and get 20% off your entire order ($200 per week), enter code ALL8 at checkout 

Typical Schedule:

  • Camp Day 9am to 3:30pm
  • Drop off is from 8:30 to 9 am, but early drop off of 8 am is available to extended day children
  •  Extended day is from 3:30 to 5:30 pm.  Those who are attending extended day are offered an early drop off beginning at 8am. 

Payment is due in full at registration; if you are registering for multiple sessions and want to pay in full for the first two weeks and make a partial payment for the balance, please contact the Camp Director, Carolyn Westgate by email or call 401.254.1745  A refund, less $50 will be issued for cancellations received by June 1, 2018.  No refunds will be issued after that date.

Mount Hope Farm reserves the right to cancel sessions due to low enrollment and a full refund will be issued in that event.  Camp sessions are typically 12 to 25 campers.

Call the Farm with your registration and credit card information.

 Click here to ask questions via email or call the Farm at 401.254.1745